#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Iron Body

[Enhanced] Iron Body


75 MP

Cooldown 20 sec.

For a certain duration, gain Super Armor status. Received damage is reduced and movement speed is increased greatly. Iron Body - Super Armor status - Received Damage Reduction - Movement Speed increased by 1.3 times Pain Endurance - All debuffs are removed upon activation. Final Enhanced Skill - Damage Reduction effect is increased and a [Pain Endurance] skill is additionally granted.
Iron Body

[Dungeon] Duration: 7 sec. Damage Reduction: 20% [PvP] Duration: 5 sec. Damage Reduction: 10%

<Killing Blow (1)>

Skill effect's duration increased to 120%

<Regenerating (1)>

10% chance of regaining 50% of the MP Usage

Status Effects
Iron BodyIron Body

Super Armor(No Flinching), Reduced Damage Taken

  • Super Armor
  • Change Damage Received by -20.00% M
  • Change Movement Speed by 30.00% M
  • Change Jump Speed by 0.00% M
Duration: 7 sec. (Uptime: 35%)