#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Grand Cross

[Enhanced] Grand Cross

[Special Active: Bravery]

300 MP

Cooldown 21 sec.

Apply sword aura into the ground to blow up the area. Can charge while skill key is being held, increasing explosion range and damage per charge. Grand Cross – Consume 25 additional MP per 0.5s to charge up (Max 50 MP) – Range +50%, Damage +25% per charge – Max charge attack inflicts [Overwhelm] debuff to targets Overwhelm – Damage Received from Physical Attack Increase: 12% (PvP: 6%) – Duration: 10 sec. Destruction Skill - Consumes Destruction Gauge and acquire Vitality Gauge - Attack Power ↑ when Destruction activated Final Enhanced Skill - Damage is increased by 1.2 times
Knight Emperor
Grand Cross

[Dungeon] Shockwave (Physical): 375% Multi Hit Explosion (Physical): 661% Multi Hit Massive Explosion (Physical): 1149% [PvP] Shockwave (Physical): 90% Multi Hit Explosion (Physical): 132% Multi Hit Massive Explosion (Physical): 276%


Damage increased to 144% Cooldown increased to 120%

<Killing Blow (1)>

Skill effect's duration increased to 130%

Status Effects

Damage from Physical Attack Increase

  • Physical Damage Received by 12.00% M
Duration: 10 sec. (Uptime: 47.6%)