Flame Geyser

Flame Geyser

[Special Active: Strength]

150 MP

Cooldown 10 sec.

Strike hard on the ground to create a pillar of fire. Enemies hit will receive a burn effect. Destruction Skill - Consumes Destruction Gauge and acquire Vitality Gauge - Attack Power ↑ when Destruction activated
#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Flame Geyser

[Dungeon] Fire Pillar Multi Hit (Magical): 490% Multi Hit [PVP] Fire Pillar Multi Hit (Magical): 176% Multi Hit


Damage increased to 144% Cooldown increased to 120%


MP Usage increased to 130% Skill will ignore 50% defense (25% defense in PvP)

Status Effects

HP Decreased while Burning

  • Change HP/s by -30.00% M of Average Physical/Magical Attack
  • Duration affected by Fire Attribute
Duration: 3 sec. (Uptime: 30%)