Spiral Blast

Spiral Blast

[Special Active: Strength]

200 MP

Cooldown 14 sec.

Swing the sword widely and stun the target, then focus your sword to create a wave of energy. Destruction Skill - Consumes Destruction Gauge and acquire Vitality Gauge - Attack Power ↑ when Destruction activated
Sword Knight
#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Spiral Blast

[Dungeon] Slash (Physical): 756% Sword Blast (Physical): 601% Multi Hit [PvP] Slash (Physical): 259% Sword Blast (Physical): 206% Multi Hit


Critical Hit Rate increased to 100% Damage decreased to 80%


Max Hits increased by 50% Damage decreased to 70%

Status Effects

Cannot Perform Actions (Wake Up On Set # of Hits)

  • Stunned
  • Duration affected by Light Attribute
Duration: 2 sec. (Uptime: 14.3%)