#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Double Slash

[Enhanced] Double Slash

[Special Active: Bravery]

300 MP

Cooldown 21 sec.

Strike enemies with a stunning slash then finish them off with a final slash. The finishing slash will ignore a set amount of enemies' defense. Destruction Skill - Consumes Destruction Gauge and acquire Vitality Gauge - Attack Power ↑ when Destruction activated. Final Enhanced Skill - Damage increased by 1.2 times
Lord Knight
Double Slash
#CF62DF9[Mod]#CX Double Slash

[Dungeon] Strike (Physical): 135% Sword Storm (Physical): 1513% Multi Hit Ignore Defense: 50% [PvP] Strike (Physical): 34% Sword Storm (Physical): 378% Multi Hit Ignore Defense: 20%


Damage increased to 144% Cooldown increased to 120%


Cooldown decreased to 70%

Status Effects

Cannot Perform Actions (Wake Up On Set # of Hits)

  • Stunned
  • Duration affected by Light Attribute
Duration: 4 sec. (Uptime: 19%)