ElswordMagic Knight


Magic Knight

A swordsman that uses both his sword and magic to fight.

Elsword realizes he has natural talent in using fire magic and decides to incorporate that talent to use as support. Not many people are capable of becoming a magic knight as they need inherent understanding of magic and great sword technique. With his new skill in fire magic, Elsword is able to control fire magic and project sword illusion, enabling him to use a more variety of tactics.
Sword Knight
Lord KnightTrans
Knight Emperor
Magic Knight
Rune SlayerTrans
Rune Master
Steath Knight
Infinity SwordTrans
Root Knight
Sacred TemplarTrans

Skill Tree

#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Mega Slash
#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Roll
Extreme Heavenly Love
Lv 1
#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Flame Geyser
Lv 5
#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Unlimited Blade
Lv 10
#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Dodge Step
Explosive Fist
Rising Slash
Thinking Outside the Box
Lv 15
#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Triple Geyser
#Cffcc00[Enhanced]#CX Iron Body
Lv 20
Wind Blade
Lv 25
Sword Fire
Critical Sword
Lv 30
Storm Blade
Lv 35
Magic Chain
Lv 40